Synthesis of the Facility

Casting de Khrysopoeia is a full-service jewelry manufacturing facility and boutique design house based in Detroit,MI. We specialize in bring jewelry designs from concept to creation, we offer services such as Computer aided design, 3D printing, jewelry casting, finishing, brand consultations and more.



The Communal Table 


Steel, Reinforced Concrete 

The Communal Work Table is a culmination of ergonomic utility, conceptual minimalism, and architectural brutalism. The Communal Table is divided into three sections in order to produce and reinforce its utilitarian value.

From right to left:
Section 1 is dedicated to the bench jewelers work where certain hand fabrication or finishing techniques are completed. We chose to have our jewelers face one another in a communal manner to encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas for a heightened creative experience within our production work flow. This particular component within our multipurpose space strengthens the bond of our team members and streamlines the collectivist spirit that we seek to procure. 

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Section 2 is the area directly beneath our custom-made ventilation hood, which circulates and carries out any toxic and unwanted air particles, fumes, and gases. In Section 2, we focus on the processes of jewelry casting, lost-wax casting, mold making, polishing, etc. 

Section 3 is the section that is closest to our Director of Design's workstation, where the CAD work is executed as well as the SLA 3D printing. The positioning of this section is intentional as the 3rd section is dedicated to the processes outside of active production such as client/staff meetings, CAD mfg. and front-of-house operations.

jewelry manufacturing in detroit

The Lounge Slab


Automotive Foam Composite

The Lounge Slab was created as a testament to innovative design and ecology―it is a single piece of furniture made of repurposed and unconventional materials that is effective as an object that is multi-purpose and multi-directional.

Singularity―our intent was to sympose one effective object for lounging which stands as the hallmark of our company's minimalist ideology which streamlines the experience of the client and their needs from beginning to end, whether it is for consultation or reviewing the final delivery of their materialized concept, post-cast or 3D print. 

Automotive Foam Composite―we want to juxtapose the notion of procuring a luxury item in the material of a modeling foam that withstands convention as an unfinished object. The foam is durable and unusual; it is dynamic, wearing beautifully with time.

Multi-purpose―the essence of our conception for this object is that it may serve in many ways. Its primary and distinct uses as a display/table and, alternately, seating, reinforces our interest in offering a modular, ever-changing experience for the clients and team.

Multi-Directional―our interest in the philosophy of spatial orientation and freedom within our experiential manufacturing facility is a staple feature. It has contributed to our desire to not limit the way our clients and design/artisanal team acquaint themselves with our atelier and the jewelry we materialize. Instead, we prefer to let the user be in control of their seated perspective, offering for them a sense of integrity and respect in their preferences as they explore their design and manufacturing needs.