Secret Society Call Series: Brand Awareness with The Shiny Squirrel

Secret Society Call Series: Brand Awareness with The Shiny Squirrel

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What’s the The Secret Society Call Series?
An informative, curated consultation held over a conference call with our resident industry expert providing you with insights on your most pressing challenges as a jewelry business.

Within this 6-month residency you’ll learn how to take your brands presence to the next level, get featured in fashion publications, get your jewelry on your favorite celebrities, play your best hand using social media and more; all in a way that is curated specifically to you.

We are demystifying how to increase your jewelry company’s brand awareness. With a 6-part call series with our PR, Marketing and Brand Development Expert, The Shiny Squirrel’s founder Jessica Goldfond.

With Jessica’s experience and network of contacts her clients work has been  featured in magazines (Vogue, W Magazine, Nylon), in TV and cinema (Avengers: Infinity War, The Punisher, Broad City), and the videos and albums covers of noted musicians (Beyonce, Childish Gambino, Rihanna).

The Shiny Squirrel is a one-stop shop for the public relations, sales, and brand development needs of emerging jewelry and fashion designers. Established in 2009, we provide a tool kit for product launch, as well as consultation for those seeking to grow their distribution and refine their brand. Today, the technology, economics, and logistics of the fashion industry is changing more quickly than ever before. Attending a trade show or sending samples to a wholesaler alone may not provide the opportunities needed to enter onto the market. But the digital age has also created opportunities for brands to bypass the industry gatekeepers and break themselves in.

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