Stone In Place Casting

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Stone In Place Casting

Stone In Place Casting is a technique that is used to implant your stones into the precious metal product of your choice.

This form of casting has evolved over the past decade from a process that was used by selective manufacturers to one that is now more commonly used. Many new products are now available to make gemstone in place casting a more reliable process. A number of investment manufacturers have specially formulated investment powders to protect gemstones from heat during burn-out and casting. This method is especially useful when you'd like to to develop designs requiring multiple stones set in metals with low melting points – like brass, silver and gold.  We are able to cast other variously shaped stones as well, but it highly suggested that round stones of up to 3mm in size are selected.

The process for Stone In Place Casting involves preparing a casting model, setting the stones in place in the specified wax, using a channel to facilitate the stone setting in the wax, treeing the waxes after the mold is set, burning out the waxes, casting the waxes using either a centrifugal or vacuum-assisted method, the option of polishing and finishing the selected piece.