Secret Society

create with no limitations

on-demand manufacturing with no production minimums and full-service production support.

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what is secret society?

Membership-only On-Demand manufacturing and production support for you jewelry brand and/or lifestyle business.
With membership in Secret Society, you get the perks of having your production in-house without the hefty investment of in-house manufacturing.


Create freely with No minimums

No production quantity minimums, no matter what. Whether you’re making samples or have one-off, custom custom orders we’ll be ready to produce your product(s) no matter what the quantity is.


Invest wisely with on demand manufacturing

Instead of creating collections and holding onto large inventory’s you can and tying up your investment in products, you can now remove long lead times, high minimum quantity orders and produce your jewelry on a need basis.


Expand your team with A Designated Production Assistant

We want you to succeed - and it will be hard not to with a designated production assistant here at Casting de Khrysopoeia who will work with you directly, every step of the way. From Quality Control to Communications you will feel confident to have an experienced production assistant to stay on top of your production goals with you.


make room for more pressing tasks with ASsembly and packaging perks

We will private label all of your items and ship them directly to you or to the end consumer, whether its a stockist or a customer order from you online store. You’ll now be able to remove the fuss in packaging your jewelry up and sending them and focus on running your business.



For start up brands and jewelry artists.

  • No minimum quantity On-demand Manufacturing

  • Designated Production Assistant

$150 / Month
or $1,320/ Year



For emerging brands with 1-3 years in business.

  • No minimum quantity On-demand Manufacturing

  • Designated Production Assistant

  • Private Labeling

  • Assembly and Packaging perks

  • Free 3D printed prototypes (1 print per style)

or $2,700/year



Established brands with stockists and/or own direct sales.

  • No minimum quantity On-demand Manufacturing

  • Designated Production Assistant

  • Private Labeling / Drop shipping directly to your customers and retailers

  • Assembly and Packaging perks

  • Unlimited 3D printed Prototypes

  • Auto-replenish re-ordering portal for you and your clients.

  • 10% off all consultation services

or $5,100/year