Private Label Client

Casting de Khrysopoeia is a full-service jewelry manufacturing facility and boutique design house based in Detroit,MI. We specialize in bring jewelry designs from concept to creation, we offer services such as Computer aided design, 3D printing, jewelry casting, finishing, brand consultations and more.


Private Label Manufacturing

How will private label MANUFACTURING benefit me?

Casting de Khrysopoeia is an experiential boutique jewelry manufacturing facility and design house with skilled jewelers and designers that focuses on taking your designs from concept to creation and beyond. Partnering with a high-quality, design house and manufacturing facility like ours gives your brand, whether it is newly developed or with years on the market, an unique edge in an industry that is highly competitive and restrictive. By joining our roster of Private Label Clients you will be able to work with our Design & Production Team closely to create jewelry products that are completely unique to your brands vision and ethos, setting you apart from other jewelry brands, designers and retailers a great deal. Whether you are looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry or bulk orders of any size. We offer high quality jewelry Design & Production services for full-range product lines, special events and even promotions.

With the best hands at the bench and design minds in market we are your ideal partner to take any jewelry idea that you can conceive from concept to creation. We are a tight-knit, experiential design-house and manufacturing facility committed to creating products that are a full transmutation of your vision. To ensure you of top-tier quality and customer service, we have a very selective Private Label Manufacturing selection process. Working with a limited number of clients that are committed to making a product that pushes the conventional jewelry design boundaries on the road to success, while keeping all designs private & confidential. 


Yes. We know the value of creating completely unique jewelry products. We offer new, cutting-edge and quality products and services that will assist you in expanding your jewelry line of one-of-a-kind pieces. 

I want to manufacture a jewelry line. Do I qualify?

Absolutely. At our experiential jewelry design-house and manufacturing facility, Casting de Khrysopoeia we are a trusted partner for producing your jewelry collections. With years of experience in the international jewelry and accessory/fashion industries, we are well-equipped to see that your jewelry products are the best of the best within quality and design. Our brilliant Design Team will embed your companies ethos in any and all jewelry ideas you can think of. 


one on one support from our director(s) of design & EXPERIENCE

We are committed to staying by your side and guiding your through the jewelry design and manufacturing processes. You will be assigned to a Director of Design and Director of Experience who will consult with you throughout the entire journey of bringing your jewelry ideas from concept to creation. They are your trusted and experienced support team that will provide tailor-made guidance and recommendations for which services are best for your business and its full intention. 

Some services that are exclusive to our Private Label Clients: 

  • Two-day CAD design
  • Priority 3D Printing Prototyping
  • Casting Services
  • Designing & Manufacturing Sample Prototypes
  • Designing & Manufacturing One-of-kind Jewelry Products
  • Brand Consultation Services
  • Designing & Manufacturing Full Jewelry Collections
  • Quality- Assured Casting Services
  • Gemstone Setting Services