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In The Atelier gives an intimate look at how designers and creative entrepreneurs have turned their experience into gold, while doing what they love. You will learn how to do the same. 

Episode 001: In Conversation with Antonio Cannizzo


Episode 001

In Conversation with

In our first episode of In The Atelier, our founder Karissma Yve chats with the talented jewelry designer based Italy about his experience being a designer and businessman. 

They also discuss why he's chosen to outsource production for some of his jewelry from Italy to Detroit while working with Casting de Khrysopoeia to bring his jewelry ideas from concept to creation. 

About Antonio Cannizzo - 
Antonio Cannizzo is Jewelry Designer.  He was born and raised in Palermo, Sicily in 1991. He left his city to undertake studies that allowed him to do what he loves most in the world; Jewelry, of course! Antonio has always felt within him the need to express himself and he found in the Design of Jewels, the only way to express the emotions he feels, and this is what he does.He shapes his emotions. In 2016, together with a dear friend, Antonio created the Brand ANTONIO CANNIZZO DESIGN in order to revolutionize the world of jewelry, trying to combine the world of fashion with that of classical jewelry.

Take a look at his website to see for yourself.