Lost-Wax Casting

Casting de Khrysopoeia is a full-service jewelry manufacturing facility and boutique design house. Specializing in bring jewelry designs from concept to creation, we offer services such as Computer aided design, 3D printing, jewelry casting, finishing, brand consultations and more. 

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Lost-Wax Casting

Lost-Wax Casting is an age old technique that has been used in creating jewelry for centuries, dating back to Ancient Egypt. This precision casting technique is used for transmuting wax models and/or castable resins created using our 3-D Printing Technologies into your desired metal.

Lost-Wax Casting is a technique that can also be used for any pieces that are intricately designed or filigreed due to the wax mold's ability to be finely imprinted. This technique is perfect for anyone that is interested in having their finalized product be highly detailed. The resin that is used in lost-wax casting burns out cleanly and has very little ash residue. We offer low-temperature casting and work with you to determine the most effective method to match the specifications of your piece.


  • Gold, silver and bronze are cast at low-temperatures. 

  • Gypsum-bonded investment is used to cast. 

  • The molten metals are gravity poured with vacuum assisted pressure over-pour.


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