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We are looking to fill the following full-time/part-time and independent contractor positions. If you feel that you qualify please submit a completed inquiry form with an attached CV/Résumé and Cover Letter and we will get back to you. Please be sure to complete the form in its entirety with attachments. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. You may send CV/Cover Letters to

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Jewelry CAD Specialist

We are seeking an experienced Jewelry CAD Specialist to work with our amazing clients on bringing their jewelry ideas from concept to creation. 

The Jewelry CAD Specialist is a master of the 3D modeling world and loves what they create digitally! They are experienced in multiple 3D modeling programs in the manufacturing process, such as, but not limited to: Rhino, RhinoGold, Matrix and Zbrush. The Jewelry CAD Specialist has a strong sense of comprehension in the application of 3D modeling for jewelry and the industry's production processes. A familiarity and investment in production using CAD/CAM+ technology is highly encouraged.



The Bench Jeweler has experience in metal-smithing and working in both precious and semi-precious metals, stone-setting, wax carving, finishing, mold making, vacuum-assisted lost wax casting along with other jewelry making techniques. Experience in CAD/CAM + 3D printing is a plus! 

They love working with their hands in creative and experiential environments in support of realizing our clients' jewelry visions.


The Production Manager is proficient in fine jewelry production. They are committed to the manufacturing process, coordinating and maintaining the efficiency of its daily life and workflow. The production manager is organized and industrious at what they do, being deeply involved in the planning of the pre-production and the supervision of production processes.

The Production Manager is inspired by and engaged with the Tribe's members, facilitating for them an open, dynamic, and productive environment.


The Executive Assistant is a bad-ass self starter. They are excited to be a part of something new and come to the executive table with ideas and support to the CEO. They are proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft and can find their way around most of our daily applications.