Hiring Production Manager

Production Manager


We are seeking a Production Manager to enhance the Experience of our growing Tribe!

The production manager is in charge of coordinating and maintaining the efficiency of the manufacturing process at Casting de Khrysopoeia. Responsibilities including drawing up a production schedule, coordinating the production process, and overseeing the effective workflow and wellbeing of employees. You will be engaged in the pre-production process and the production process itself, which includes regulating the production of the manufacturing experience. The production manager will also make sure that goods and services are produced at the right cost and the expected level of quality.




As a production manager, you'll need to take responsibility for the following:


  • decide what resources are required
  • draft a timescale for the job
  • create and maintain a production schedule


  • oversee the production process
  • ensure that the production is cost effective
  • estimate costs and set the quality standards
  • be responsible for the maintenance of equipment
  • monitor the production processes and adjust schedules as needed
  • regulate product standards


  • serve as a liaison among different bodies, i.e. managers, suppliers
  • work with the CEO and managing personnel to implement the company's policies and goals
  • supervise and motivate a team of workers
  • review worker performance
  • identify training needs

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Location: Detroit, MI