Hiring Bench Jeweler

Bench Jeweler


We are seeking Bench Jewelers to enhance the Experience of our growing Tribe!

The Bench Jeweler is a master of fine craftsmanship and loves what they create with their hands! They are experienced in multiple techniques in the manufacturing process, such as, but not limited to: wax carving, mold making, vacuum-assisted lost wax casting, and stone-setting. The Bench Jeweler has a strong sense of comprehension in the use of precious and semi-precious stones used in these production processes. A familiarity and investment in production using CAD/CAM+ technology is highly encouraged.



As a Bench Jeweler, you'll need to take responsibility for the following:


  • Understanding the uses of the various manufacturing equipment, i.e. waxes, carving tools, etc.
  • Cutting precious metals into jewelry pieces using cutting and carving tools
  • Shaping and styling jewelry, following designs or instructions, using hand tools and machines
  • Shaping the prescribed waxes for jewelry preparation using the appropriate carving tools
  • Using raw materials to create molds in order to duplicate models
  • Using vacuums in order to create casts; having comprehension of the technology behind it
  • Repairing jewelry by soldering or replacing broken parts
  • Cleaning and polishing jewelry while maintaining quick turn-around times
  • Sizing products made from using different metals
  • Selecting appropriate stones for embedding process
  • Ordering and maintaining jewelry supplies necessary in manufacturing facility
  • Utilizing CAD/CAM+ technology to develop and print required products


  • Multi-tasking, prioritizing duties, and completing tasks in a timely manner
  • Being able to integrate working independently and as a part of a team
  • Adhering to all safety-related procedures to reduce the risk of accidents

Job Type: Full-Time/Part-Time/Contracted

Job Location: Detroit, MI