Brand Consultation

Casting de Khrysopoeia is a full-service jewelry manufacturing facility and boutique design house. Specializing in bring jewelry designs from concept to creation, we offer services such as Computer aided design, 3D printing, jewelry casting, finishing, brand consultations and more. 

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Brand Consultation

Branding your jewelry product line is crucial to creating a sustainable living as a creator as well as creating a successful jewelry brand and/or product. At Casting de Khrysopoeia we consider many elements that go into branding a success jewelry brand. 

Our Made In Detroit ethic is supernal to this understanding. Some important things that we ask ourselves throughout our branding process is how do we describe your aesthetic, how do we define it, and what sets it apart from other jewelry lines? Each piece of jewelry that we create using our various production methods is symbolic of its journey in creation in our experiential manufacturing facility. From the initial process of wax mold making and/or 3-D printing  to the final product, we take pride in the fact that the products designed and manufactured here are of the highest quality. We know that it isn't what you make and sell that urges customers to purchase your jewelry designs. Rather, it's the why that is within each element of your brand and product.

We are here to help you locate your why. 

We know that in order to best serve our clients, our product line must first and foremost be cohesive. That involves drawing a narrative for our collections that is sensible and relatable to our clients. The collection must have a story that is unique, original, and above all in-line with the company's aesthetic profile.

In order to successfully merchandise a product line, one must make sure that it feels complete, that there are enough pieces to tell a story, and that the actual value of the product meets its perceived value. Keeping an understanding and transparency towards your product line's price points is very important. Strong visual representation is also key to the branding of your line.

We are able to assist you with brand consultation as you work towards making your brand accessible and reputable to your dream clients.