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Khrysopoeia of Cleopatra, One The All

In the tradition of alchemy, Khrysopoeia is an Ancient Greek term that translates into "[to] make into Gold." The process behind this term denotes the nature of all things as being transmutations, of changing one form into a higher form, from the most mundane to the most divine. In order to transmute a substance in alchemy, one must have a knowledge of its base qualities, which are the essence of its order in the greater cosmos. This essence is seen as its driving force towards attaining the Divine Oneness of all things.

The renowned Cleopatra was an incredible student of esotericism. She is accredited with being one of the four female alchemists that was known to be able to produce the Philosopher's Stone. In her only recorded treatise, she had mapped out a series of inscribed symbols which contained a synchronized, cryptic set of information that permitted the duly initiated towards decoding the knowledge required for transmutation. Due to her wisdom in the teachings of alchemy, she is central to Casting de Khrysopoeia's heart.

Chrysopoeia of Cleopatra's Ouroboros, inscribed with the text "One Is All" in Aramaic

Chrysopoeia of Cleopatra's Ouroboros, inscribed with the text "One Is All" in Aramaic

In our utmost desire to give life to that which is invaluable, the substance of Gold, we have dedicated our titular to the highest alchemical process, Khrysopoeia. Khrysopoeia is directly informed by the tradition of Cleopatra, her ever-inquiring spirit, and her recorded works. Precious metal manufacturing at Casting de Khrysopoeia involves a deep seated knowledge of one's infinitude. Throughout their experience in creating a beautiful and emblematic product, the artisan is entitled with the reality of turning their infinite symbol of creativity into a tangible reality. They are bound to mining the depths of their mind in order to establish a concept and, in turn, a perfected conception that is irrefutably charged with the essence of Oneness. 

If One is truly All, and every unique substance contains every other one as a result, we at Casting de Khrysopoeia commit to turning leaden thought into golden product from beginning to end. Our Gold lies not only within the perfection of our precious metal products—it also lies within the principle of our service towards you in obtaining your Gold. Just as Cleopatra's great Ouroboros consumes its tail in an endless tribute to eternity, we commit ourselves to an infinite cycle of transmutations, seeking perfection in all that we commit to and offer to you.