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Détroit Is The New Black Launches Their First Fine Jewelry Collection

Made with love, In Detroit. 

Pictured: Roslyn Karamoko

Image Courtesy of Detroit is the New Black


About DITNB. 
Detroit Is The New Black supports locals designers by providing them with retail space. Alongside Roslyn Karamoko's in-house label, the 6000 sq/ft store sells products from local brands such as leather goods company, Douglas & Co., cosmetics company, The Lip Bar, and furniture brand, The Donut Shop.

Providing a label that people in this city can work for, and design for, and be a part of growing—that’s the ultimate goal. To be here now and have the opportunity to build something that has a direct impact on the economy and fabric of the city is so exciting.
— Roslyn Karamoko for Time Magazine

Jewelry with meaning. 

Services rendered: Design Consultation, Design, CAD, 3D Printing, Lost Wax Casting, Finishing/Assembly

We are honored to work with Detroit Is The New Black on bringing their founder, Roslyn Karamoko's jewelry ideas from concept to creation. 
After completing a 1- hour long Design Consultation with our Founder, Karissma Yve and our Director of Design.  We were able to hone in on Roslyn's desire to develop a jewelry collection to add to her brand of clothing, home goods and other design conscious accessories. We love working with brands that instill meaning into their products. Yes -  Our focus is quality made products that are high in design and the fine craftsmanship that goes each and every piece of jewelry.  We are conscious of the fact that our clients' customers rarely buy what they do, rather they buy into the meaning that exists within the products and why we, as creators, create them. So we help manifest these meanings in jewelry and in this case, .925 Sterling Silver. 

Our founder, Karissma Yve spoke with Roslyn Karamoko about the experience of having her hand in Jewelry design for the first time. 

KY: What inspired your jewelry collection? 
Well, there's so much going on in the world at present and I really wanted just wanted to create a collection that speaks to inclusivity and togetherness. There's so much descension in the world right now in politics. And I just wanted to put something out that felt like love. That's what this collection represents. 

KY: I love that. This is your first jewelry collection. You've gone from designing clothing and now jewelry. What was surprising to you about the process? 
RK: I'm not even a designer. I just have these concepts in my head and I just attempt to express them in several different mediums. It's about expression. So I did that in clothes, in retail and I do that now through jewelry. It's trying to communicate across different platforms and in different materials. So this is an exciting collaboration! 

KY: What's different about communicating through jewelry? 
With jewelry, I think that it's more subtle and not as obvious. With the brand, I've been able to the expression with the graphics is a little more billboard sort of advertisement. But with jewelry it's more delicate and will require someone to look a little deeper. 

KY: Is it more intimate this way? 
 Sure. It's more personal. Customers put more thought into buying their jewelry in a lot of ways - it's a thoughtful collection that will hopefully be in line with how a person is feeling. 

KY: Working with these themes of Unity, Strength and Peace, what do these represent to you? 
RK: So strength means resilience and overcoming. Its means overcoming and its a theme that has followed me through the journey of this entire brand. Unity is togetherness and inclusivity, with diversity that is within that inclusivity. Peace is a stillness and just an internal balance that you can achieve regardless of your outside environment and what's going on around you. So the peace element and the Peace Ring is the most special to me. 


KY: With these designs you were able to take something that is really serious like peace and mindfulness and incorporate that in a style that is totally playful, yet wearable. 
RK: Yeah, totally... and keeping it light! It's a theme that you see in the brand as well. Detroit Is The New Black, it is a very light and pop-culture saying but there is deeper meaning and undertones that are a bit heavier. This collection has a similar juxtaposition of that light inspiration. It's easy but also very meaningful so I'm excited to be able to create this collection. 

KY: That's what it's about! And what I love about owning this facility, creating jewelry and providing the resource for others like yourself to do the same. It's embedding meaning into the products we create. Jewelry for me is more than just adornment, it's a talisman. These jewelry pieces are things, like ideas, philosophies and statements that you carry with you and you begin to embody them. I think it's very powerful for you to capture these elements of being that we need in order to keep going on the journey of whatever we are doing. 

Why did you choose to work with Casting de Khrysopoeia? 
RK: Well, obviously you're a gem. And I love to work with you - I think that what you are doing is brilliant. But I also am really inspired by the thought that you put behind your jewelry, what it means and why you're doing what you're doing energetically. And how a person feels when they wear your jewelry is important. So this was the perfect synergy and I am really happy to have worked together.