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Exploring Jewelry Through Biology and Technology


The Chemical Composition of Tears Turned Into Jewelry

Karissma Yve (Founder, Designer of XENOPHORA) via Detroit Free Press

Karissma Yve (Founder, Designer of XENOPHORA) via Detroit Free Press

I want the ability to express raw human emotion and biology through jewelry. More specifically, the transformative healing that aesthetic adornment (i.e. jewelry) is to me. 3D printing the chemical composition of tears into rings is a new territory that represents my own transformative healing as a business woman and designer.”
— Karissma Yve (Founder, Designer of XENOPHORA)
The rings needed to be raw and honest, like the tears we cry. I didn’t want them to look like something they are not. This was my initial fear with 3D printing; I didn’t want this collection of rings to look too unnatural.

From Concept to Creation 

Casting de Khrysopoeia represents more than just an assembly line set-up for jewelry manufacturing. We are developers of ideas, no matter how grand or minimal. With state of the art equipment and a team of bad-ass designers and jewelers, we are able to not only bring jewelry ideas from concept to creation but we work very closely with our clients to develop their ideas. With regard to aesthetics, their personal and business goals for growth, we work very closely to assist them with creating entire collections or one off pieces that match their brand philosophy.

Our client XENOPHORA wanted to evoke raw, human emotion through wearable objects by 3D printing the chemical composition of tears as rings. A grand vision that we were excited to assist with creating! 

At the beginning stages of our Design Phase with Karissma of XENOPHORA, we jointly identified the tear types that she had the most personal connection too:  

Tears of Possibility and Hope, Tears of Those Yearning for Liberation and Tears of Release. 

3D Modelling 

Xenophora_Tears of Those Yearning for Liberation_Extruded Band techreport.jpg

We then sketched out general silhouettes and forms for the rings, created them using our GemVision CAD Software at our Director of Design's Work Station (we use the very cool Microsoft Studio for a powerful CAD workstation). Through a series of various extrusions and engraving techniques with the 3D modeling software, we developed a collection that our client was very happy with.


3D Printing 

Jeweler at the bench, reviewing the quality of the 3D printed Prototype 

Jeweler at the bench, reviewing the quality of the 3D printed Prototype 

After presenting the collection of renderings, tech reports, and 3D Object files to Karissma with the go-ahead, we went on to 3D printing prototypes using prototyping and castable-resin with our FormLabs2 SLA 3D printer.

3D printing is a great way to rapid prototype ideas. Utilizing our SLA printer which has a castable resin we can take the models straight to production.  

Lost-Wax Casting 

The castable resin has a very specific 12-hour burnout schedule for optimal results. This process is not much different from burning out wax, used in the lost-wax method, which includes sprueing the resin models on to the wax-tree, investing in the flasks and then on to the kiln to remove the resin/wax. After the burn-out we take the hot flask out of the kiln and insert it into our vacuum casting machine with the preheated .925 sterling silver ready to flow, we turn the vacuum on a VOILA! A tree of tears for XENOPHORA!



We wait for the solidified metal to cool, which is now in the vessel where the resin/wax tree once was. We then submerge the flask into a bucket of room temperature water as apart of the de-investing process while agitating the flask. The shock of flask at around 900 degrees (f) submerged into the room temperature water causes the investment to break down and THUMP!

We clean the tree and remove the sprues and then finish according to the clients specifications. Their style is very wabi-sabi (the Japanese philosophy for finding perfection in imperfection) so while at the bench, at the clients request, we worked to distress the the surface areas. 


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